ON Gold standard Whey protein - problems?

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ON Gold standard Whey protein - problems?
Been using ON Gold standard Whey protein - strawberry flavour for quite some time now. Last few batches I got where great. Mixed easily and tasted great.

Although the inside seal was stuck to the inside of the lid and not attached to the jar. (Although apparently this happens alot and shouldn't be worried about??)

The batch I bought today was a white powder instead of the usual pink colour. Has this happened anyone before? I'm thinking they forget to add the flavouring?

When I mixed it, there was some lumps that would just not mix I had to get out the blender to finish it off and even then there was still one or two small lumps that would refuse to mix. This is compared to my usual batches which mixed very easily with a fork.

Now instead of the usual strawberry flavour I got from the previous batches this one gives only a slight hint of strawberry flavour which is over powered by a rank taste which I thought was disgusting.

I forgot to mention whenever this powder is mixed with water you can see a very small shade of pink in it but its mainly white.

With just so many differences I thought I would ask the experts (you guys) and see if I am worrying over nothing or is it possible I have a faulty batch. I just don't fancy digesting something that could do me harm.

Please help.

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References: https://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=135384931

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