Keep Fasting with JoJo

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Keep Fasting with JoJo
Good Morning Everyone,
Hopefully this new thread will give us less technical issues.
I didn’t manage to shift my holiday weight this morning so I am on a mission this week. I will be fasting Mon, Wed and Friday- still 19/5 and 500 cals. I definitely want more food when it’s cold. I was freezing after my afternoon in the garden yesterday but my greenhouse looks amazing now, so tidy and clear. It hasn’t been that way for years. It was a very windy night, talking weather only, dull grey day now. Suspect it will be a wet dog walk this morning.
Happy- the choking incident in the pool has left me with a sore throat which came on yesterday. Hopefully it won’t develop into a winter cold. I was socialising with lots of germ ridden folk last week. The coach sounded like a doctors waiting room.
We learnt a new game last night called Skip-Bo based on Spite and Malice card game but simplified, not too complicated, family game. We then played Rumba 10 which is much more challenging.
I am reading a new book( fiction) but it has a story based upon the language of flowers. The Victorians were very keen to send messages by giving flowers but some appear to have more than one meaning, in fact some have contradictory meanings, complex business. Interesting topic though, remeber the slogan ‘Say it with Flowers’

For more details : explainer video

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