Importance of Carbohydrates

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Importance of Carbohydrates

I like to believe I have a strong understand of nutrition. I comprehend the simple basics of bodybuilding, macros, cals in cals out, ect. I have gone through all the phase diets, ratios, low carb, low fat, ect. BS broscience that goes on among these boards. I now understand that all you have to do is lift right, understand my maintenance calories and adjust according to my goals, and fill out my macros.

Unlike many others, I choose to eat "healthy" because I care about my health. My diet mainly consists of meats, dairy, fruits and veggies. I choose to eat whole foods for personal reasons and not bodybuilding specific reasons. However, I consume very little carbs that come from grains, such as rice, bread, pasta. These food items are extremely rare in my diet mainly for the fact that I'd rather enjoy 2 chicken breasts then a chicken breast and small bowl of rice.

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